In addition to the 30-year experience in the field of furniture and other activities of the trading group, the experience and rich content of Deconik’s website, having the electronic trust symbol of two stars gives formality and credibility to this business. The electronic trust symbol is granted by the e-commerce development center of the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade after reviewing the online store and matching its operation with the laws, and the online business with the symbol is under constant review by this organization. For more assurance, you can click on the icon on the main page of Deconik website to make sure that it is not fake. Also, Deconik is proud to use the experienced team to design and photograph all the contents of the website, including product photos. Videos, banners and other designs created by Deconik will be implemented and presented to you friends.

No, but if you become a member of the Deconic website

You will enjoy many advantages!

Discounts that are created on a weekly or monthly basis and are announced to you through SMS and email

Announcing the festival of customers

Special festivals that are open to the public and are announced in virtual spaces

Shop faster and easier

Easily manage your purchase history and activities

 Create a list of your interests and follow their changes

 Share your reviews, reviews and opinions with others

Stay up to date with special sales and daily prices of products

You can place your order 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Deconik informs you about the status of the order step by step by sending an SMS.

If you follow up after the specified time and do not send to the contact number in the contact section of the website, follow up on your orders by email.

No, currently only the products that are listed on the Deconik website with their current status and price can be ordered. But if necessary, you can communicate with the contact numbers of Deconik and register your orders.

You can delete or modify the order from your shopping cart before the final confirmation of the order and clicking on the shopping completion icon.

After the final confirmation of the order and completion of the purchase and in the stage of payment and registration of the basket, you are not able to delete and change the order. From this point on, to cancel or change it, contact the order tracking unit.

Yes, it is possible to register the product by phone, but in order to speed up the process of processing and sending the order, as well as reducing the possibility of errors in the order registration, customers should register their order online.