Deconik Trading Group

  • In line with the new way of service, for the comfort and trust of the customer in purchasing, it considers the goals that are being implemented by experienced people.
  • Supporting customers and satisfying them is one of Deconik’s priorities.
  • Follow-up of orders and shipment of goods and final control by the executive director of the company and quality assurance are other duties of Deconik.


  • The production of products, including acoustic panels and sound insulation, which are available in the acoustic store and decoration collection, is completely specialized and scientifically based.
  • It is possible that with the cooperation of the customers, the photo of the desired place will be sent to the Deconik design unit and a view of the implementation of the panels will be sent to them in the form of a 3D file via email.
  • Deconik holds a lottery for customers every month and has planned various festivals for the general public.
  • Throughout the year, Deconik sends gifts to customers who have bought from the online store, as well as members of the Deconik family. 

Consultation and design:

  • Before any purchase, you can benefit from expert advice at Deconik’s support unit.