About us

Deconik Commerical Group

With over 30 years of experience working with successful Iranian brands, the Deconik Trading Group has been working on new activities and acquiring ads for acoustics, audio insulations and more to bring other service friends along with you. The Deconik brand was registered in 2013 and has provided you with reliable branding and quality products for you,dear ones.

In the new areas that we have acted with its day and academic information, we are able to carry out any projects in accordance with the needs of the work and the place you are looking for and make products and products (acoustic, sound insulation, etc.) relative to We will coordinate your request.
The process of specialized testing is about the quality of each product and its performance, and products are delivered with global and international quality control.
All acoustic products are made from deco productions and are similar to European and American products and brands with advisory and awareness of its production, and in pursuit of quality alignment with these brands, we are trying to improve and satisfy your loved ones. The deco is based on cooperation, advice, suggestions, services, and customer satisfaction, and invites all your friends to join in this field.
Voice and vibration discussions are commonplace in people’s lives, so that voice pollution has become a concern of the human community and environmental organizations.
One of the important areas of research in different branches of engineering (such as mechanical engineering, civil engineering, architecture, aerospace, biomechanics, shipbuilding and mechatronics, acoustics, etc.) has been the topic of sound and vibration that has been important in the last two decades Has found a lot.
On the other hand, acoustic discussion is one of the most important topics in the field of physics at various universities in the world and from the main branches.
Despite the fact that there are various scientists and experts in this field in the country, there are several industrial and research projects in various industries such as: automotive, aerospace, oil and petrochemicals, household appliances, studios, construction, medical engineering and … . Regarding the issues of vibration and sound, but unfortunately, the researchers have not addressed this issue individually and individually so far.
Hence, we hope that with the help of God Almighty and your help, the best friends can be achieved.