Employers looking to reduce noise usually turn to movable walls or sliding folding partitions. These walls act as excellent soundproofing strategies to create a quieter environment or workspace, however come at a large cost. Acoustic panels on the other hand are a cheaper alternative that can reduce noise pollution and are more accessible to most people’s budgets. 

Deconik are specialist within the acoustic world, supplying, manufacturing and installing movable wall and acoustic panels with over 29 years of experience. We approach every single project with maturity, confidence and the drive to ensure your acoustic project is perfectly suited to your needs and requirements.  

What Are Acoustic Panel Best Suited For?

If you are looking for a cheaper alternative to reducing sounds and noise, acoustic panels may be your best bet. Soundproof panels work well within reducing mid to high-level frequency sound waves due to their moderate mass. They do not block noise entirely due to their weaker capabilities within insulating low-frequency sound waves that have longer wavelengths. Upon choosing an acoustic product, you should evaluate what sort of noises you want to be reduced or eliminated, acoustic panels are primarily suited for acoustic sounds and not intense noise reduction. 

How Do Acoustic Panels Work To Reduce Sound?

Acoustic panels work by dampening and deadening soundwaves, helping to eliminate any back noise and echoes by their ability to control reverberation. Reverberations are the soundwaves that bounce off walls or structures. The acoustic panels should be purchased based upon what sort of noise or external noise you want to reduce, if you want to eliminate the sounds of people talking near your office or workspace a standard panel should work fine. In most cases however, louder sounds such as cars or trucks moving would require a more heavy-duty panel.

Types Of Acoustic Absorption Panels Here At Deconik

The sound absorbing acoustic panels are displayed in this category in order to absorb the middle frequencies and with the function of no sound feedback:


Sound absorbing acoustic panel For those who want to increase the sound quality, egg comb foam performs well and saves you money at the same time. With egg comb foams with thicknesses of 5 and 3 cm in densities of 17.5 and 30 kg, you can easily and economically achieve the desired and required result. The reason for the popularity of this type of foam is that it keeps the price down without compromising the final quality. This example is the perfect solution for people who need sound insulation with a small budget.


Athos is a stunning high-performance Deconic sound-absorbing acoustic panel, designed to combat sound reflection, focus on medium and high frequencies, this model is designed with a wooden surface with cavity dispersion. selects, controls and absorbs frequencies from 250 Hz to 4000 Hz .Among other unique features of this panel is reduction of reverberation time “RT reduction” and field distribution of the focal point between the speakers “Sweet spot sound field distribution”. A collection of Deconik acoustic monofoam with wooden cover painted by polyurethane paint has created such an impressive absorbing panel. We recommend you to use this panel in the control room, recording room, home studio, broadcast studio, room Singing and drum room.


series of deconik trend cinema absorbent acoustic panels (cinema round ) is an effective proposal for sound control in a large number of projects. A modern design with the highest efficiency is used in this panel. has, which improves the hearing performance of people. It is mainly used for medium and high frequencies. If the panel is installed with an air gap of several centimeters from the wall, it can be efficient in medium and low frequencies.


 Deconic Sound Absorbing Pyramid Acoustic Panel

Deconic sound absorbing acoustic panel is very popular, practical and effective in absorption, which is completely composed of acoustic mono foam, whose pyramidal structure is used for different spaces and frequencies depending on the height of the peaks of the pyramid on the surface of the acoustic panel.

This sample with 5 cm peak height is considered standard in this industry and is an excellent choice for improving sound clarity and reducing reverberation. Install this sound-absorbing acoustic panel in offices or home studios, you can also combine it with an absorbent bass trap to have a full home theater experience.

WAVEWOOD Absorption :

DeconiK sound absorbing acoustic panelThis acoustic panel in the sound absorbing category is known as the flagship of the acoustic panel collection, which is able to treat sound problems without destroying the main waves or reducing the sound too much. This example is a combination of wood and mono acoustic foam with grooves. A non-consecutive line is able to absorb

and spread at the same time, it was created after a lot of research, which is effective in solving echo problems in medium and high frequencies.

DeconIK sound absorbing acoustic panel – MD LIGHT PLUS:

This acoustic panel sample has the same design and cut as the Alpha sample, with the difference that it consists of an arrangement of four separate and similar units in small dimensions. Design based on individual needs and tastes. A cost-effective solution for use in small and large spaces including listening rooms, home theaters, recording and broadcast studios, post-production studios, performance spaces, rehearsal rooms, conference and teleconference rooms, public spaces, halls, etc., that require It has the characteristics of absorbing and broadcasting sounds. This DeconiK acoustic panel has an excellent absorption capability as well as an effective diffusion rate.

Contact Us – Acoustic Absorption Panels

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